How to Choose an Office Space That Will Encourage Organization and Productivity
How to Choose an Office Space That Will Encourage Organization and Productivity

When you begin the search for office space, you are likely thinking in terms of which property will be most efficient on your budget, while at the same time being able to accommodate the size of your business.  While these are naturally important components in the selection process, there are other commonly overlooked factors that you will probably want to consider as well.  Productivity among your employees is obviously a key element that will determine the success of your business.  That being said, planning ahead to ensure that the space you choose can be easily organized to maximize productivity becomes equally important.  Follow these simple tips to choose an office space that will help your business continue to thrive.


how to choose an office spaceThe temperature within your office space can play a big role in the motivation of your employees.  An office space that is too hot may encourage lethargy and sluggishness, while an environment that is too cold can cause discomfort and anxiety.  While you will naturally have some employees who tend to run hot or cold, the vast majority will find their comfort level within the same basic range.  Ensuring that the HVAC system in your new space is running efficiently is a very important, and often forgotten of, consideration.  Ask your landlord about the age of the unit, as well as when it was last serviced.  Pay attention to the number and location of vents throughout the building and make sure that the temperature controls are easily accessible.

Get a Plan for Maximizing Common Spaces

Rather than focusing solely on the size of common areas within your new office space, create a vision ahead of time on how you will be able to most efficiently use these spaces.  Consider breaking these larger spaces into “zones” where particular activities can take place.  For example, rather than scattering office equipment throughout the main space, decide where you could designate an equipment zone (for activities like printing, copying, and faxing), a meeting zone (where couches, tables, and chairs can be placed to accommodate projects that may need collaboration), a reference zone (where filing cabinets, binders, and other reference materials are stored), et cetera.  Sorting this out in advance will save you lots of trouble later.

Invite in the Light

Fluorescent lighting over the course of an 8-hour work day is almost guaranteed to cause headaches, discomfort, and general malaise.  Try to choose an office space that has as much natural light as possible.  Big windows and views of the outdoors will boost the moods of employees, increasing productivity and overall happiness on the job.  If an office space with lots of natural lighting isn’t available to you, consider switching over to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, which feel and look more like natural light.  You may even opt to forego overhead lighting altogether, instead providing your employees with desk lamps and/or other sources of indirect light.

Look Up

When looking for an office space floorplan that best meets the needs of your business, chances are you are forgetting to look up.  Searching for a space with higher ceilings (and thus, more wall space) is a creative way to maximize your use of the space, while at the same time encouraging organization.  Hanging shelving strategically throughout your office can help to avoid bulky furniture that will take up space, make your office look cramped, and potentially give off the impression of clutter.  Keeping a clean and organized workspace is integral to motivating employees and keeping productivity up.

Look Down

Another commonly overlooked factor in the hunt for office space is the flooring.  Office spaces with many different types of flooring can give the impression of a messy and/or chopped up space, adding to the idea of clutter and disarray.  Additionally, the flooring material is important as well.  Try to find an office that has wall to wall flooring of either commercial carpet or engineered wood.  These will be appealing to the eye (creating a uniform look), easy to care for, and noise-cancelling.  Hard tiles can create an echoing effect, causing distraction during meetings and phone conversations.

Searching for Office Space in the Hattiesburg Area?

Now that you are aware of some of the lesser known features that make an office space great, it’s time to start looking for your perfect place.  Working with a skilled commercial real estate broker will ensure that you don’t just settle for anything.  At SVN|Southgate Realty, LLC, we are committed to finding our clients the very best in the commercial real estate market.  We are devoted to making your experience an impeccable one from start to finish.  Take a look at our properties today and call us to get your search started!

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