SVN | Southgate Realty, LLC’s foundation is Multifamily. With nearly four decades of experience focused on apartment development, management, brokerage, and advisory services; SVN | Southgate Realty, LLC has established themselves as a leader in multifamily investments for Hattiesburg and throughout South Mississippi.

Land and Development

Commercial land is increasingly becoming a popular sector for investors. It has many upsides, including the price. In most markets across the country you can find plenty of options for reasonably priced raw, developable parcels. This is particularly true in more rural, less populated markets. Markets like Hattiesburg where commercial land has not become scarce due to extreme spikes in development.

Property Management

Property management of commercial real estate has been our core service since we began in Hattiesburg over 37 years ago. We regard our experience and knowledge in property management as our greatest strength to our clients. Understanding how an investment will perform over time is the basis for success in all facets of commercial real estate and we apply our insights into every assignment we undertake.



If you own any type of business where you sell goods to consumers, then you will at some point be in the market to buy or lease retail real estate. While the world of brick-and-mortar retail space has seen many challenges with the rise of online shopping, it’s still one of the most popular investment sectors in all of commercial real estate. Whether at the height of the market, or at the bottom, this sector isn’t going anywhere.

Office Space

One of the largest and most broad commercial real estate sectors is office space. Office buildings are typically grouped into one of three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. While standards can (and will) vary by market location, office space classifications are important to understand. They allow investors to differentiate between properties they seek to buy or lease. Below we provide a general overview of each classification.


Over the last 15 years storage needs for excess household items, residential relocations, and expanding businesses has skyrocketed, leading to a period of rapid growth for the self-storage sector of commercial real estate. Just under 10% of American households use one of about 50,000 locations across the country. In 2013, the self-storage market created more than $22 billion in annual U.S. revenues.


Single Tenant Investments

Offering higher yields with comparable risk to investments such as bonds or mutual funds, Single Tenant Investments, also referred to as triple net leased investments “NNN”, are increasingly sought after in the commercial real estate market. Stable cash flows, long leases of typically 10 to 20 years, and tenants responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the property are all key characteristics for investors of single tenant investments.

Medical Office

To begin, medical office uses range from full-service healthcare, administrative services, clinical services and laboratory services to other medical services. The distinctive needs of each healthcare sector differ greatly. Therefore, they require expert assistance navigating the continuously evolving medical office commercial real estate market.

Apartments for Rent

For 35 years, SVN | Southgate Realty, LLC has proudly served the Hattiesburg area with integrity, expertise, and a sincere desire to positively impact the lives of all we serve. Whether you are coming home to a SVN | Southgate property or looking to invest in our growing community, we are committed to providing our residents and investment partners with superior service, professionalism, and respect.