Feng Shui Tips for Your Commercial Office Space
Feng Shui for Office Space
Feng Shui Tips for Your Commercial Office Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese pseudoscience that helps to orient the flow of energy within a particular space in such a way that it is thought to harmonize the environment and those within it.  In the setting of a commercial office space, Feng Shui principals can be applied to create a calmer, happier, and more productive workplace.  Take a look through some of the easy tips and tricks that can be applied to give your office space a peaceful and inviting feeling for both your employees and potential clients.


avoid clutter in your commercial office spaceThe most important thing to remember when applying Feng Shui principals to your commercial office space is that clutter is not your friend.  A messy workspace is thought to distract a healthy flow of chi (or energy) within the space, taking away focus and productivity.  Pathways should be clear and open throughout the work area, and desktops should be neatly arranged, with at least half of the desktop exposed.  Stacks of paperwork should be kept hidden from view until they are ready to be attended to, and cords should be neatly bunched together and tucked out of sight.

Air Quality

The quality of the air within your commercial office space is another essential component in creating a harmonious flow throughout the layout.  The simplest way to improve the air quality is to regularly change filters in the air handler and to keep air ducts clean and clear.  Additionally, it may be worth it to invest in an air purifier, but the most recommended way to invite in some fresh air (while at the same time adding to the décor of your office) is to bring in some live greenery.  Bamboo palms, eureka palms, lady palms, rubber plants, and English ivy, among others, are all easy to find potted plants that will help to purify the air.


When choosing furniture for your commercial office space there are a few things you will want to consider that will help to ensure a balanced flow of energy.  First off, avoid furniture with sharp edges or harsh contours, favoring instead softer, rounded desks and cabinetry.  Make sure that the size of the office furniture you choose compliments the space and allows for an open flow as you move about.  In private offices, the desk should be placed in a power position.  The further the desk is away from the door, the better.  This is said to prevent the creative energy from escaping the room.  Desks should never be placed on the same wall as the door or directly facing it.  In shared office spaces, avoid facing desks directly towards one another or back to back.  If facing the desks towards one another is inevitable, create a barrier between the two spaces using a screen, green plants, or another visible border.

Balanced Elements

In creating a balanced and peaceful commercial office space, you may want to consider including the five Feng Shui elements of wood, earth, metal, fire, and water in your design.  Wood might be represented by furniture, earth through earthy colors or plant life, metal through aesthetically pleasing accent pieces or furniture, fire through natural light or even candles, and water via an aquarium, fountain, or other water feature.


The colors within your commercial office space will also play a role in the feelings it evokes.  Yellows, sandstones, pale golds, pale greens, blue-greens, or other earthy tones are thought to invite in more creativity, productivity, and harmony.  White walls are also okay, as they are thought to inspire clarity.


Finally, you will want to carefully consider how your commercial office space is going to be decorated.  Imagery and artwork displayed throughout the space should be calming and peaceful to help inspire creativity and productivity.  Words on imagery should be uplifting, positive, and inspirational.  You may want to contemplate the use of proven stress relievers throughout the space as well.  These may include lower lighting, essential oil diffusers, and calming music, to name a few.

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