Create a Commercial Office Space That Helps Your Employees to Thrive
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Create a Commercial Office Space That Helps Your Employees to Thrive

Create a Commercial Office Space That Helps Your Employees to Thrive

Setting up your commercial office space is a big deal.  It takes a certain amount of thought and planning to make sure that your space is set up in a way that works best for your company.  You’ll want to create an environment that supports your employees and encourages them to think big, communicate clearly, work hard, and maybe even enjoy their work day a bit!  If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not!  Let’s take a look at some simple ways that you can make your office the type of place where your employees will thrive!

Comfortable Furniture

The majority of your employees are going to spend the bulk of their day sitting, so take this into consideration when purchasing furniture for your commercial office space.  Find chairs and other seating options that properly support your employees’ posture and allow them to maintain their comfort level for longer periods of time.

Standing Desk Stations

No matter how comfortable your office furniture is, there will still be employees who need a little time to get up and stretch their legs.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go investing a million dollars into a bunch of treadmill work stations just yet.  It may, however, benefit both your business and your employees to designate an area within your commercial office space to a few standing desk stations that employees can use intermittently.

Commercial Office SpaceCollaboration Areas

Great minds work best when they are able to work together!  For that reason, it’s imperative to create spaces within your office that encourage collaboration and sharing, such as meeting rooms or even a cluster of couches and chairs off in a corner somewhere.

Proper Lighting

Your employees are much more likely to thrive if they can see what they are doing without succumbing to headaches and eye strain.  Making sure that your commercial office space is adequately lit is extremely important and often overlooked.  Capitalize off of natural light whenever possible.  If you need to use overhead lighting, try to steer clear from fluorescents.

Paint Color/Decor

How you decorate your commercial office space can also be a factor that determines how much work your employees output.  Avoid harsh wall colors, opting instead for soothing blues and greens.  Make your décor calming and inspiring and refrain from loud or splashy art pieces that could cause distractions.

Green Space

If your commercial office space has access to green space (a courtyard, perhaps), encourage your employees to make use of it!  Access to nature can drastically reduce stress and improve overall well-being, keeping your employees happier and feeding their creativity.  If going outside isn’t a viable option, bring the outdoors in.  Fill your space with live plants that don’t require a whole lot of upkeep and fresh flowers that you can replace each week.  Certain plants will even help to filter the air in your commercial office space.

Comfortable Break Room

Everybody needs a break at some point throughout the day, so create a space where your employees really, truly feel like they are getting an actual break.  Provide comfortable furniture and low lighting, as well as casual areas designated for eating, mingling and relaxing.

Consider the Temperature

A commercial office space that’s muggy and hot will have your employees feeling sluggish and lethargic … not exactly conducive to an output of quality work.  An office space that’s overly cold, however, is also not the answer.  Find a temperature somewhere around 76-78 degrees, where the majority of your employees feel comfortable, awake and alert.


If you expect your employees to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently, make sure that your commercial office space is wired to support their doing so.  Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a web page to upload or watching your computer screen freeze over and over again because it can’t keep up with the amount of data running on it.

Stay Open to Suggestions

Lastly, the best way to create a space where your employees feel able to thrive is to ask them what they need.  Whether you do this via weekly group meetings or through an anonymous suggestion box located somewhere discreet in your office, hearing your employee’s ideas is invaluable.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fulfill every single request, but it helps to know what is working and what isn’t.

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